Our Environment

Handsome Frog Café & Shop are very Environmentally conscious. Our environment is always at the top of our minds in everything we do. We endeavour to reduce our use and acceptance of plastic products by choosing not to have it in the products we purchase, or to find and alternative product supplier.

We recycle as much as we possibly can. We use the council recycling bins whenever we need to for items such as: tins, glass and some plastics. Our worm farm is always busy and producing good quality compost for our Vegetable patch’s. No green waste goes to waste. If the worms can’t eat it it either goes into one of our compost bins or gets buries in the vegetable garden to encourage the increase of earthworms.

We have recently decided to increase the number of vegetable gardens we currently have. So far we have used many of the product already lying about the property. The soil is not very good here, so we have decided to create raised beds. This has absorbed a great deal of timber currently rotting into the ground, along with a great deal of cardboard and old newspapers. We are hoping to have the gardens ready for the spring time and get as much of fresh produce from our own gardens. The beds we have created so far are already full of seedlings from https://www.hukerenuigardens.nz

On the food truck we use all compostable cups, cutlery, plates, etc.  We encourage everyone to bring their own cup, and give a discount to those who do.  The majority of our cold drinks are in recyclable glass bottle, not plastic.